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So glad you are here! There have been so many activities happening here in the art studio. If you have been a long time user of my painting instructions, you have probably noticed the new format on this website. It was time to get organized. Over the years little tidbits of information was stored here n' there which resulted in clutter and navigation issues on the old website. Not to worry, many of the old painting lessons will be uploaded again. I am editing each one and adding new information for you.

What I am into now.

Right now our landscape in the northwest is full of mossy and green landscapes and open fields that have been weathered by rain and wind. This is the perfect opportunity to venture out into the countryside and take photos for future winter paintings. Rain storms provide full picturesque water falls and rivers with fast currents. One of the greatest inventions for a creative person is the digital camera. Right now, I am spending time outdoors taking pictures and sketching winter scenes.

In addition to filling my archives with inspirational photos, I am working on new paintings. I am designing a new light house painting for a small ornament. Check out the blog posting here. New Light House Design, a work in progress.

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