My Favorite Word ...
My favorite word is creativity. I love creating art and feel grateful to be working as an artist.

The Northwest Inspires my Art
The Pacific Northwest colors, the Cascade mountains and the coastal sunsets inspires my artwork. I love taking photographs in the local area. They're the visual references and inspiration for my paintings and drawings.

My Story
Like most artists, my path to working as an artist is diversified. My life experiences have been intertwined with creative pursuits of one kind or another. I studied art and design at Portland State University. For many years I created graphic design projects for businesses. When the internet came to life, website design was another opportunity for graphic designers. During the early internet days learning how to write HTML and creating websites provided an income. These days I no longer create websites. Currently, my passions are painting and drawing and I enjoy teaching art online. I spend many hours observing the world through the camera lens. This led to learning filmmaking. My videos are about the life of an artist and include tutorials for creating art. You are invited to view videos here.

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