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General Supply List for China Painters

Use the general supply list below when you are painting the instructions offered on this website.

Brushes * Clay Shapers * Pens

  • #12 or #14 Kazan Squirrel Brush---------------$10.30 ea.
  • #6 Flat Kazan Squirrel or Sable Brush----------$6.25 ea
  • #8 Flat Kazan Squirrel or Sable Brush----------$6.85 ea.
  • #2 Flat Kazan Squirrel or Sable Brush----------$4.50 ea.
  • Chisel Tip Wipe Out Tool (Clay Shaper)---------$8.60 ea.
    Clay Shapers are available in other shapes. The chisel
    shape seems to be the tool we use the most in class.
  • Fine point calligraphy pen
    Available in craft and art stores.

Oils * Potions * Cleaners

  • Pallet Knife for Mixing Paint.
  • Mineral Oil (Available at pharmacies)
  • Oil of Copabia ......$2.00 oz.
  • Better Way Brush Cleaner for cleaning oil based paint.
    Mona Lisa brand for cleaning oil based paint is good too.
  • Turpenoid Natural for cleaning oil based paint. (Optional)
    Please Note: You need brush cleaner for cleaning oil based paint,
    not water based paint.
  • *Glass Cleaner
  • *Rubbing Alcohol

    *Buy small travel spray bottle for use with the glass cleaner and alcohol. It is more convenient for packing supplies to class.

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • 4"x 4" or 6" x 6" Tile for mixing paint
  • Fine Point Sharpie Marker
  • Small Dish for Mineral Oil
  • Stylus (Available at craft stores)
  • China Marker
  • Cotton Rags
  • Pallet for mixed paint
  • toothpicks (optional)
  • Cotton Swabs (optional)
  • Tracing Paper
  • Graphite Paper
  • Crayon (any color)
  • Jar/with lid for Brush Cleaner.
    Available in Art supply stores or
    A hand made jar w/lid & screen is available
    for purchase in class.I can teach you how to
    make your own inexpensive brush cleaner jar as well.

China Paint and/or Glass Paint

I understand the need to keep expenses lower, I encourage new students
to purchase a small supply of colors and then build
on their color inventory as needed. Following is a list of recommended colors.

  • American Beauty.........$8.95
    (Optional--you will want this color sooner or later.:))
  • Black Grape.............$6.25 ea.
  • Sap Green...............$3.00 ea.
  • Brown Green.............$1.50 ea.
  • Darkest Green...........$2.00 ea.
  • Rich Brown..............$1.50 ea.
  • Pecan Yellow Brown #2...$2.50 ea.
  • Mixing Yellow...........$2.00 ea.
  • Yellow Brown............$2.00 ea.
  • Pompadour...............$2.50 ea.
  • Flux if you are painting on glass ..$2.50 ea.

I carry many beautiful paint colors which are
available during every class session.

Surfaces for Painting

  • China Blanks—Available on line at the suppliers below or purchase in my studio store.
  • Porcelain or china recycled from a flea market or garage sale.
  • Field Tile—Assemble a grouping of hardware store tiles and create a mural or paint on one tile.
  • Glass--Inexpensive Glass.
    Avoid leaded glass crystal.
    Recycled glass items and window glass are perfect.

Please avoid bringing these items to class.

  • Do not use leaded crystal because it can melt in the kiln.
  • Blown glass ornaments without a hole for air to escape is iffy and can explode in the kiln.
  • Do not fire rock or stones because they can have pockets of water and explode in the kiln.
Explosions in the kiln cause costly damage to the kiln firebrick lining and elements.

Total Starter Supplies will cost around $60.00 to $100.00. China painting supplies last a long time.

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QUESTIONS? I would be happy to help you with your painting questions.
Please contact me.
E-mail: and request information regarding class schedules or supply lists or sources for china painting products.

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