Glass Decals—Fun and Easy.
Lesson for Decal Applied to Glass

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I needed a quick and easy method to decorate slumped or melted glass bottles and found that low fire decals were the perfect answer for an easy and fast method of decoration.

Clean the surface of your glass with soap and water or denatured alcohol. Remove any labels from your glass that might burn off in the kiln. It is easy to forget this step because labels are often applied to the underside of items.


  1. Water Bath
    Place a decal made for glass in a basin filled with a shallow pool of warm water and let it soak for about a minute or until it slides easily off of the decal paper base.
  2. Decal Floats in Water
    The decal will be floating on the surface of the water.
  3. Place Bottle or Glass Item in Water
    Place the bottle or glass item in the water bath and slide the bottle underneath the decal and carefully rise the bottle out of the water. If it the decal isn't positioned quite right, place the glass item just underneath the surface again and move the decal to desired position and lift out of the water again. Blot off the water carefully with a towel taking care to keep the decal in place. A small squeegee can be used very carefully wiping from the center of the design or you can roll your finger to press out the water. Avoid using a pin to remove air bubbles because pin holes tear the decal during the firing process. Carefully dry the glass and set it aside to allow the decal to dry overnight.
  4. Fire in Electric Kiln
    Fire at cone 022 in an electric kiln to permanently set the decal. Allow the kiln to cool completely before opening.

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