Instructions for Painting a Gold Design on Glass Boot

Fire once in an electric kiln and you are finished!

Gather your Supplies

  • Clear Glass Boot or Glass item that is unleaded.
  • Access to an Electric Kiln
  • Small Round Brush (Squirrel or Sable)
  • Clay Shaper/Wipe Out Tool
  • Fine Point Calligraphy Pen
  • Liquid Brite Gold for Glass
  • Lint Free Rag
  • Denatured Alcohol or denatured alcohol (For Cleaning Brushes)
  • Glazed Ceramic Tile
  • Clear Tape

Simplicity was the goal for this painting. There are so many options for painting this glass piece, however, when it comes to the increased pace of life during the holidays it seemed like a good idea to design an ornament that could be finished in one firing session using an electric kiln.

Use clean brushes and keep your luster brushes separate from your other painting brushes. I don’t use mineral oil on luster brushes. In my experience, the mineral oil causes the liquid bright gold to disperse when firing. Instead, clean your brushes with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits.

Clean the glass with an purchased glass cleaner, or denatured alcohol or a vinegar water mixture or dish detergent that removes grease. Wipe dry with a lint free cloth.

I like to draw or print my designs on tracing paper. Trace around the ornament with a graphite pencil or pen. Then freehand draw your design over the traced boot shape or copy the design above.

After you have finished your design, place it underneath the glass boot and secure with a small piece of tape. You will be able to see the design through the glass.


  • Penwork
    First Fire
    Place a small amount of Liquid Bright Gold onto the glazed ceramic tile. Load the fine tip pen with liquid bright gold by dragging it through the gold with the nib upside down. I know this is counterintuitive, however, the liquid bright gold will enter the reservoir easier than pulling the pen through the gold in the traditional up right manner. Pen the design onto the glass by following your pattern that shows through the glass.

  • Brush Work
    Next use a round brush to fill in the stars and dots.

    If you Need a Second Fire
    If for some reason the Liquid Bright Gold on your design needs to be filled in or repaired because an area was missed or painted too light, it can be painted again with additional Liquid Bright Gold and fired a second time in the electric kiln.

  • Firing your Design
    Since this is pre-formed glass, fire no hotter than cone 022. which is between 1050-1080 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the kiln shelf must be coated with ceramic or glass kiln wash. I place the glass directly on the kiln shelf without kiln furniture or fibre paper because at the suggested temperature it won’t stick to the kiln shelf if it's coated with kiln wash.

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